RANSOMWARE: How to ensure data resilience with Veritas?

Today’s matter for ransomware attacks is not to ask if it will happen but when it will happen! 

The ransomware threat is real and increases yearly. The best defense is to protect yourself and your data with Veritas. Both industry-leading solutions, Backup Exec and NetBackup, will provide the best-in-class resilience for your business-critical data.

Veritas is trusted by over 20.000 partners worldwide! You can find a few examples below!

Veritas and TD SYNNEX: What, How and Why?

Veritas solutions offers backup and recovery functionalities, proactive protection and detection, as well as visibility across your infrastructure. Your data may reside physically or virtually on-prem or in the cloud, Veritas guarantees its immutability.


Both Backup Exec and NetBackup ensure the protection of your enterprise data and IT infrastructure from the unknown and the unexpected.  


TD SYNNEX and Veritas can help you protect, backup, and recover your data, regardless of where they are. There is always a solution, and our dedicated team can help you with this journey. 


Do you want to learn how Veritas can help your customer protect their data against ransomware?


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